Current Exhibitions

Premiered May 18, 2020

Until We Meet Again, Treat Gallery, New York, NY, Online Exhibition

Permanently on view on Treat Gallery's website 

view the exhibition on Treat Gallery's website

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Upcoming Exhibitions

(Postponed - TBD)

Mixture Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

(Postponed - TBD)

Opening Reception: April 11th 

Jackknife Gallery, Oakland, CA

301 Jefferson St., Oakland, CA

August 29, 2020

TrapxArt Show, Oakland, CA

Purchase $20 tickets here:   

Click the Oakland event and use promo code: marisa

(Postponed - TBD)

Metamorphose, RAW San Francisco

1015 Folsom St., San Francisco, CA

To pay for my artist booth I need to sell 20 $25 tickets by March 18th - are you able to contribute 1 ticket?

It would mean the world to me to have your support. If you can’t make it or aren’t able to buy a painting, this is a great way to support my participation and to help facilitate my budding career! Thank you all for your love and support. Can you make it to RAW San Francisco?


Use the link below to purchase tickets. Make sure to put me as the artist when you check out!

Purchase $25 tickets here:

(Postponed - TBD)

Fresh Paint Art Fair, Mixture Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

October or November (TBD)

International Art Museum of America, TenderGold Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Past Exhibitions


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Jackknife Studios | 301 Jefferson St. Studio N, Oakland, CA 94607

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